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Take back the castle besieged by the Naga army!

The Welkin Castle dungeon takes place in a war-torn, naga infested city nestled deep in the corner of Lunagrant Woodland. Throughout this besieged city, players will come up against the invading forces of the Naga army, as well as vicious and brutal boss monsters along the way. To reach the end of this dungeon, the group will first have to clear a path through the outer entrance way of the castle area.

Once inside, the intensity picks up. With Naga enemies on all sides, the group will have to pick their fights carefully as they fight towards the large pantheon-style building near the end of the dungeon. Upon reaching this temple structure, the final encounter will be had with the gigantic Naga commander. Defeating the commander will end the siege on the city and spell victory for the attacking party.