Location: The Sanctuary

Water of Life is an initial side-quest given to elves in the starting area of the Sanctuary. It is an interaction quest that requires you to use an item of the same name on a stump in hopes of aiding in the recovery of the forest.

Quest Start: Leafsong (Osloh Village)

Requirement: Water of Life (Given)

You can begin this quest by speaking to Leafsong, a Union of the Woods member whom is standing near the elder of Osloh Village. Once spoken to, Leafsong gives you the Water of Life item, which is required to complete the quest.

From this point, you can find the stump two ways:

1. Simply click on the word 'stump' in the quest tracker dialogue, thus auto-routing you to the stump's location.

2. Right click on the Water of Life item, which will display a short note in your chat bar telling you which direction it wishes to to proceed.

Either way, you will need to go south-west from Osloh Village and into Sorrow Forest. The stump in question is relatively large and has a small 'ramp' leading up into it's otherwise inaccessible center. Make your way to the center of the stump and then right click the Water of Life. Doing so will cause a small bush to appear at the very center of the stump and signifying that your task is complete.

To finish the quest, simply return to Leafsong and claim your reward.

End Quest: Leafsong (Osloh Village)