Titles list

There are a huge number of displayable titles that can be earned in Forsaken World. Titles can be earned for everything from completing certain quests, performing well in events, killing powerful bosses, and a vast array of other tasks. Titles are color coded according to the difficulty of gaining them. Grey titles are the easiest, while purple titles are the most difficult to achieve.

You can view all of the titles you've gained by opening your character screen ("C" key). Open the tab in the lower left called "Titles", and you'll see a list of all of the titles you've earned. To display a title, just click the "Set Title" button near the bottom of the window. You can change your displayed title whenever you want.

List Edit

  • Bomb disposal expert (white title): Acquired from doing a sub-quest in Freedom Harbor disarming bombs.
  • Kalaries Hunter(Blue title): Acquired from doing the Demon Hunt achievement; requires players to kill two world bosses and two normal quest bosses.
  • Hatred Creator (white title): Acquired from doing a Sub-Quest at Event-tide Cemetery
  • Trial Beginner (green title): Acquired by entering Trial Of God for a week straight
  • Lion Heart Navy - Private to Captain (white to green title): Acquired by entering the event Harbor of Crisis. Can do this event 6 times a day.
  • Perfectionist (Green title): Acquired by finishing Freedom Harbor Life quests 100 times within a week.
  • Free Life Lucky Dog (White title): Acquired by chance upon finishing the 10th Freedom Harbor life quest of the day.
  • Prudock Titles (white through blue): Aquired from the last room in NightMare carnival (can only be done on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays) by collecting antiques 0-60.
  • Heir of the Blood (Grey title): Acquired from starting point of the Kindred race
  • Adult Dwarf (grey title): Acquired from the starting point of the dwarven race
  • Socialite Learner (white title): Acquired by getting socialite job to level two
  • Socialite Negotiator (white title): Acquired by getting socialite job level three
  • Dawn of Light (white title): Acquired by gaining 20 achievements
  • Seminar Apprentice (white title): Acquired from main quest line in Freedom Harbor
  • Star of Perfection (Blue title): Acquired by completing 10 Perfect Days in Life in Freedom Harbor event. "Perfect" meaning you must complete life in the Freedom Harbor 30 times a day for 10 days.
  • Coles Monster Hunter (green title): Acquired by Completing the 20 Monster Achievement
  • A frequent visitor valley habitat (green title): Acquired by completing the habitat Valley Achievement
  • Slacker: Acquired by abandoning 5 Henry's Life in the Harbor Quest in a single day