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Need to be Lv. 35.

Must have 1 job skill point open.

Where To Obtain It[]

Given by Wind Dancer in Alameda Park.


In Eyrda, pets are very common. With a pet, one would never feel lonely, even in battle.

However, not all pets are the same, as not all masters are the same. Tamers can entice the largest and most fearsome beasts to become their minions, and any pet they train will reflect the rewards of the Tamer's care through its growth. When he meets a powerful enemy, the Tamer can simply sit back and watch as his pet takes care of the battle.

You can also gain job LvL experience by catching souls *2 and incubating them *1. The higher your Job LvL is, the more like you are to have a longer incubation time, and with this, better pets. You need to be patient, being a Tamer isn't easy, but "who persevere, reach", just dedicate time going to the Creekbank Valley for extra pet catching/incubating, and you can also get skills for pets in there.

Lv Catching Pets[]

In Eyrda there are different kind of pets, not only the ones that you obtain from the NPC.

Here are the pet list and where you can catch it, with both skills: Basic Soul Catching & Advanced Soul Catching:

Advanced Soul Catching:[]

  1. Chained Demon - Sea of Oblivion (Vyda's Tear, lv 1)
  2. Griffin - Hazed Wilderness (rare wandering soul, lv 1)
  3. Little Witch - Hazed Wilderness (rare wandering soul, lv 1)
  4. Demono Bat - Kalaires Plain northwest of the Sundown Heights trackstone (rare wandering soul) (for this pet, you need to be lv 55+ but careful, there are dangerous and agressive mobs wandering around, needs to be lv 2)
  5. Selarion - Sleeping Jungle (Bloofrite Road and need lv 2)
  6. Aldala - Sleeping Jungle (northwest where is the Jungle Jaguar, needs to be lv 4)


Basic Soul Catching:[]

  1. Whirlwind Puppet - Sea of Oblivion (west of Stone Depot trackstone, Character lv 35)
  2. Khonem - Sea of Oblivion due (west of the Pyrowrath Village trackstone, Character lv 35)
  3. Scarab - Sea of Oblivion (north of Tomb of Glory, Character lv 35)
  4. Bear - Gloomy Forest (north of Windless Town, Character lv 50)
  5. Friend of the Forest - Gloomy Forest (near the Ring of Fairies trackstone, Character lv 55)
  6. Spider - Hazed Wilderness (Arid Valley Camp Ruins, Character lv 55+)
  7. Jungle Jaguar - Sleeping Jungle (northwest from Bloodskull camp, Character lv 60+)
  8. Zeke Warrior - Sleeping Jungle (south from Kambour's Tomb, Character lv 60+)
  9. Tinkerer - Sleeping Jungle (northwest from bloodrite road, Character lv 60+)

Bonus Pet Catching:[]

  1. Aphopis (3rd boss in Emperor’s Canyon)
  2. Storm Dragonling (Rare boss in Arena of Soul)
  3. Naga Princess (Bonus boss in Welkin Castle)
  4. Conqueror Skeleton (Dino boss in Cata 1)
  5. Tomb Protector (Boss drop from Cata 2)