Gaining reputation with the various races in Forsaken World is a great way to earn some nice rewards. To get reputation, you can do a variety of tasks.

The easiest way to get reputation is to simply complete as many quests, events, and dungeons as you possibly can. Sometimes, you will be rewarded with medals that you can trade in to various faction oriented NPCs for reputation towards that faction.

Trading in enough medals will grant you access to things such as faction specific mounts, powerful XP skill trinkets, and other useful items that you will definitely want to get.

You can find the Lionheart and Sanguine Circle reputation agents near Hugh Sutherland and the Union of the Woods agent in the forested area next to the main entrance/exit of town.

Lionheart Champions

Lionheart Champions are the defenders of Eyrda, and protectors of Freedom Harbor. The Humans and Dwarves have taken up this responsibility and found a bond through their duty.

Union of Woods

The Union of Woods comprises of the two races most closely related to their surroundings, the Elves and Stoneman.

The Sanguine Circle

The Kindred race disassociate themselves from the other races under the protection of the Sanguine Circle.

Related itemsEdit

  • Edge Badge - Give these to the Reputation Agent of one of the factions to gain Reputation.