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Stonemen are made from the rocks that create their name, and they have inborn strength which can resist almost any strike.

Since the time when the chief of the Stonemen, L'ygch, the Fearless Heart, helped Hossinger Apelio defeat Assaya, the Protector class became known as the foundation for any real group going into battle. Their rock-hard determination and immense fortitude ensures a group shall never fear defeat as long as their Protector stands.

Stonemen, created from the ancient stone from which their name derives, have a monolithic fortitude which can withstand nearly any blow. Their bravery and fearlessness are legendary, shielding their allies from vicious attacks by taking it themselves. As the Stonemen became renowned for their exploits, they were referred to as Protectors. This is a fitting name for them, for with the strength of stone, they protect those with lesser armor.