Note: This page is meant to surmise the quest Life In The Harbor, Overlook: Freedom Harbor and does not describe the subsequent lore card of the same name.

One of the many random quests that is given as part of the Life In The Harbor quest series, Overlook: Freedom Harbor is a standard messenger quest which requires you to find an NPC named Jeuthias Starlight, buy a lore card, and return to Henry.

Quest Start: Henry (Freedom Harbor)

Requirement: 12 Silver Soul Coins

In this quest, Henry is pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful collector of knowledge and wants a new lore card to add to his most recent collection. He asks that you find Jeuthias Starlight and buy the lore card, Overlook: Freedom Harbor, then return it to him.

Jeuthias Starlight resides in the Dawning Hope Library, which is the large building that towers over the rest of the city and stands at the foot of the stairs in the main passage within. Simply talk to her, and find the card in her shop inventory (hint: for some reason, it's under the Sanctuary tab).

Once finished, return to Henry to complete the quest.

Quest End: Henry (Freedom Harbor)