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The Outer Ancestral Catacomb dungeon can be found nestled in the darkest regions of the Sleeping Jungle map. Featuring ominous, abandoned ruins and winding, maze-like jungle pathways, this dungeon is the premier challenge for groups level 60 and up.

Staying on the beaten path will be key to both remaining on the correct course and completing this dungeon. Although it has its twists and turns, you won't lose your way by staying close to the pathway. Numerous catacomb guards and jungle fauna will fight back against your groups' intrusion, with some of the toughest boss fights to date along the way.

By fighting your way through the guards and monsters that block your way, you'll eventually come across one of the more epic boss fights available in Forsaken World. The Skeletal Dragonlord, while incredibly dangerous and difficult to kill, also towers over everything nearby. With an automatic reflect ability, the Skeletal Dragonlord can return damage to its attackers at a frightening rate.