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Classes: Assassin (M) and Priest (F)
Capable of taking on the role of either a Priest or Assassin, the Lycan can deal out both heals and death in equal amounts.

This bestial new race is capable of shapeshifting into werewolf form, which grants increased power and defenses.


The Lycan are believed to be descendants of Faylune, a goddess who manifested herself as a gigantic Wind Wolf. The Lycan themselves were originally a group of humans who had lived in Lansys Mountains, a remote area on the western coast of Oeste which is also home to the first masters of mounted combat.

At one point in their history, they were approached by a human named Artos who claimed that he had inherited the will of Faylune and that her wish was for the Lycan to drink his blood and awaken their true forms. However, this was a trick, as Artos was not a descendant of Faylune, but rather the reincarnation of the original Werewolf himself. By drinking his cursed blood, the Lycan were turned into werewolves themselves and became slaves to the will of Artos. As the Silverwing Army pushed into the Lansys Mountains, the enslaved Lycan fought against the humans. It was the Lycan leader, Oseid, who was able to awaken Faylune's blood in his veins and return to humanoid form. Using this strength, he awoke the blood in the other turned Lycan and returned them to their humanoid forms.

However, the Lycan were still cursed beings, and in returning to normal, their features were more like those of beasts. They also developed the ability to transform into their werewolf forms at will, but they could only do so for short periods of time, partially to make sure they could retain their humanity and not fall under Artos' spell once more.

Teaming up with the Silverwing Army, the Lycan fled the Lansys Mountains for Eclipse Hollow, the resting place of the goddess Faylune. The Kindred were the first to reach out to the Lycan, and though the Kindred were at constant war with the Werewolves, they accepted the enemy of their enemy as their friend. Oseid and his sister were inducted into the Sanguine Circle and quickly became their commander and chief recruiter respectively. Teaming up with the other races of Eyrda, the Lycan now fight against the storm legion, never forgetting the promise they made to reclaim their homeland of Lansys from the Werewolf Ancestor Artos.

Racial skills[]

Name Type Source Description
Moon Mist Self-blessing Main Quest Increases movement speed by 110% for 2 seconds, dispels controlling effects.
Savage Transformation Self-blessing Main Quest Increases casting speed by 15% for 15 seconds.

Soulforce skills[]

Soulforce skills are special skills that deal lethal damage to specific level monsters. The effected level depends on the trinket you have equipped. As you upgrade your trinket, you will be able to deal lethal damage to higher level monsters.

Name Level Trinket Range
Crescent Terror 1 Advanced Awakening Blood None
Evil Illusion 20 Advanced Cursed Skin None
Blackmoon Knell 40 Advanced Lunette Orb None
Doom Howling 60 Advanced Faylune Figurine None