Only guilds that are on the guild list are here. If you don't see your guild here request it on the FW Forums then send pizzblack a message for a change on the wiki.


Leaders Guild Site
Linus Aurora (EU)
Jace BlackCard
willZAO Brutality (BR)
unstableoverload Crusaders
Angelyz Defiant
Savageflower Divine Judgment
HikaruX3 Divinity
Dev (D4H)DieForHonor
Adam Dynasty
DarkCulex Ecchi
Koko Elysia
KaiKaname Executioners
Technyze, Neonspyder, Hardstyle Failol
ilikepie1234 Inquistion
junitalia Il Demonico
Soly Immortals' Thread
SolBadguy Konqueror
kyuuketsukiai Makai
Kalibro Martyrs
zappygun NeverForever
altair519 Pheonix's Thread
Exempt Solace
Ryuuketsu Sovereign
Paladin Spirit
ultimentman2 TheHunters
chaosheart27 WolfPack