Life In The Harbor is a consistant, repeatable daily quest beginning and ending the with NPC, Henry, whom stands at the north-western corner of the Freedom Harbor square. Unlike most quest series, Life In The Harbor can be completed up to 30 times per day by a character and do not follow a specific order. Instead, they are chosen randomly from a pool of various subquests. These subquests can be as simple as speaking to Henry again or as difficult as completing one to two quests from other NPCs before the reward can be gained.

The first ten quests that are completed are given heftier reward of experience and gold while the back twenty are typically lower, but still well worth the effort of completeing.

Begin Dialogue

Henry: Welcome to Free Life Camp. Here, I will issue some very important tasks for you to do each day. Some might be for charity, while others might be to help supply the Free Life Camp. You never know what I might ask you to do next! In exchange for your services, I'll share with you my valuable experiences that I've learned from living in Freedom Harbor. I will give you up to 30 tasks each day, but don't expect me to give you a different one just because you don't like what I already gave you.

Player: So basically, you need someone to run your errands.

End Dialogue
Henry: Well done, you're an excellent example of hard work and discipline for all your peers to follow. Let's see what else I have for you to do today.

Player: No rest for the weary, I suppose.

Sub QuestsEdit

When you take this quest initially, you are given one of the following subquests: