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Classes: Assassin, Mage, and Vampire
The Kindred were the first race to be created out of love.

The beautiful demi-goddess Shylia and the noble human Herghevid were the perfect couple in every way. Time, however, worked against them. While Herghevid began to age, his ensuing death could not be accepted by Shylia. Therefore she sought a method to keep them together forever, and she found it with the "Mythic Embrace." Shylia performed the Mythic Embrace by pouring her blood, which contained the essence of life, into Herghevid's body, thereby giving him everlasting life. Their offspring were the first of the Kindred race.

The Kindred inherited the characteristics of their ancestors. They are sensitive, delicate, and will make great sacrifices for love. One would assume the Humans and Kindred would live among each other, but this is not the case. Some Humans covet the immortality and uniqueness of the Kindred, driving these races apart through jealously. In Eyrda, the Kindred are isolated but strongly united.


Before the second war broke out, Shylia moved to Oeste to shake the memory of Mylvada's terror. While there, Shylia met and fell in love with a Human, Corvus. Shylia loved Corvus deeply and refused to accept that his fate as a human was to live a short life. In order that she could be with her love throughout eternity, Shylia infused her godly essence into the blood of Corvus, freeing him from the chains of mortality. In addition to life eternal, Corvus gained great power from the infusion and became the first of those whom Eyrda would soon call "Kindred".

Shylia bore Corvus four children: Lilia, Rivannos, Kazmer, and Dagmara. As the second generation of vampires, their father being the sole member of the first, it was these vampire who first assumed the title of Kindred. and it is these vampire to whom all modern Kindred trace their bloodlines.

Kindred born today are of the fifth generation. They have little capacity for controlling their blood lust, but have evolved a special ability allowing them to transform.

The Kindred hold much stock in their blood lineage, and those of one lineage seldom get along with those of another. Despite this, the Kindred of the second generation are actually quite cordial with each other. In times of crisis, the children of Corvus respond to their father's call, each bringing with them the Kindred they have sired. Not all of Corvus's children are so amicable with each other and loyal to their father, however. Dagmar, in his quest to sate his thirst for power, is often at odds with the rest of his kin and their descendants.

Racial skills[]

Name Type Source Description
Vampiric Kiss Single-target Main Quest Drains health from the target equal to 15% of your max Health and silences the target for 3 seconds.

Soulforce skills[]

Soulforce skills are special skills that deal lethal damage to specific level monsters. The effected level depends on the trinket you have equipped. As you upgrade your trinket, you will be able to deal lethal damage to higher level monsters.

Name Level Trinket Range
Dancefloor of Blood 1 Arcane Bloodstone 18 meters in every direction
View of Death 20 Burning Amber 18 meters in a 180 degree frontal cone
Blood Ritual 40 Chiropteric Luminance 10 meters in every direction
Crimson Impact 60 Bloodstained Brand 18 meters in a 120 degree frontal arc