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Participating in a guild is a great way to make friends and accomplish great things in Forsaken World. You can join a freshman guild whenever you want by hitting the "Y" key and then clicking the button in the lower right hand corner.

Freshman guild

A Freshman guild is a guild that new players can join to experience some of the basic functions of a guild without going through the trouble of hunting down a player created one. This guild will have a guild chat and other basic guild functions, so use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with how a guild works.


Later on, you can either join a player established guild or create one of your own. To create your own guild, visit Lawrence in Freedom Harbor and then select the "create guild" option. You will need to be level 20 or above and pay a fee of 10 gold.


You can then level up your guild by having members complete daily quests that help grow the guild in various ways. Leveling up a guild increases the total number of members that can be in the guild, as well as grant access for the guild to things such as the guild base system.

Guild base

Attaining a guild base is a hefty undertaking, requiring a level 3 guild as well as a large amount of supplies to create and maintain. Maintaining a base is a very profitable Endeavour, though. A guild base can supply its members with exclusive quests, merchants, and NPC's that provide different functions than regular ones found elsewhere. Keep in mind that the more advanced your base is, the higher the upkeep will be.