Freedom Harbor is the main section of the game Forsaken world. It is where the player goes after the beginning quests in their home area. There are several NPC and Quests to deal with while there.


Home Away from Home:Edit

This quest is pretty straight forward. If your not a total goof ball you would have it right as you enter freedom harbor. All you have to do is talk to Knight Officer Snow who should be near you.[Yes im using my Kindred Assassin to do this]

Standard Armaments:Edit

Simple once again, All you need to do is track down Nicolas. If you need a quick refresh on how to quickly find an NPC here it is. All you need to do is move your crusor over the quest in the tracking quest window. When the smaller window opens up click the GREEN npc name or item and youll auto track there. please note that not all quests have this function.


Okay Now its time to go to Ammy. She should be down the path from Nicolas though if you have trouble finding her just use Auto Locate. She gives you potions Yummy!

A Pet of your Very own:Edit

Okay Rachel is next and she gives you an option of one of three pets

A Wolf

A Ram

A Turtle