The Birth of the Kindred Edit


Before the second war broke out, Shylia moved to Ousta in order to shake the memory of Mylvada's terror. In Ousta, Shylia fell in love with a common human named Herghevid. In order to live with her lover forever, and free him from the grasp of death, Shylia used the Mythic Embrace, and infused his blood with her godly essence. This made Herghevid both immortal and very powerful. Herghevid became the first of the race called Kindred and through his offspring the Kindred race grew.

The Fall of the Gods Edit


Mylvada might have been pushed back, but vowing to never fail, another attack was set upon Eyrda. With Tytan, Illyfue, and Vyda still inside the Ancient Fissure. Shylia stood up and led all the races of Eyrda to resist Mylvada's attack. Shylia also called upon the other gods of the universe to aide her cause. In the end Shylia was victorious and Mylvada was driven away yet again, but Shylia and the Ancient Relics were lost during the war. Other gods who assisted in battle also fell in the war, and their Godly Essences were scattered throughout Eyrda. With Tytan, Illyfue, and Vyda absent, the Humans reigned supreme over the lands.

A Hidden Storm Edit

Mylvada barely survived the battle and prior to departing Eyrda, he revived Dysil, the giant creature who descended from the Giant Tree of Eyrda. The body of an evil giant dragon was given to Dysil who renamed himself Strom Lord. He ruled Shyntola and waited to be united with Mylvada. He led the so called Strom Legion and through his impatience on the return of Mylvada, began a war intent on destroying Ousta. In the end he was defeated by the races of the world that united as a single army, led by the heroic Humans. But Dysil is planning a second invasion...