The Eyrda Boutique (Item Mall) in Forsaken World is home to a multitude of items, ranging from healing potions to fantastic mounts and fashion items.

To access the item mall, either click the green leaf icon in the upper right hand corner or just press the "J" key. You can browse everything that is available by navigating around with the tabs at the top of the screen. Purchasing an item will deposit it directly in your inventory.

Purchasing items in the Eryda Boutique require Eyrda Leaves. These Eyrda Leaves can be obtained one of two ways:

Charging your ZEN Edit

You can purchase PWE's item mall currency, ZEN, by logging into your account and visiting the billing site.

Once you have purchased ZEN, simply transfer the ZEN to the server of your choice, and the ZEN will automatically be converted into Eyrda Leaves.

Conversion rate for Eyrda Leaves is 100 ZEN = 40 Leaves.

Trading In-game coins Edit

An alternative to purchasing ZEN is to trade in-game Gold Coins to other players for their Eyrda Leaves. Head to one of the Leaf Exchange NPCs in Freedom Harbor to access this feature.