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These ancient pyramids give shelter to legendary monsters.

Nestled in a mountain valley deep in the Sea of Oblivion, the Emperor's Canyon dungeon contains winding tombs and outdoor areas full of monsters and bosses to face. Clear your way through the tomb section of this dungeon by cutting down any regular monsters you encounter, as well as a single boss located close to the entrance.

Once outdoors, prepare to leap down from the safety of the tomb exit to immediately encounter a second boss - Yuri. Once Yuri has been dispatched, begin clearing a path through the skeleton monsters between you and the final encounter. Along the way, kill 10 skeleton priests to spawn a hidden special boss for the party to kill.

The final encounter will take place at the top of the pyramid-like temple in the back of the valley. Montis Desolar will AoE the party and paralyze some members periodically, so make sure you're able to heal through the damage should your priest fall victim. Slaying Montis Desolar marks the end of the Emperor's Canyon instance.

Footprint Card[]

The following Footprint Card is available for Emperor's Canyon:


This Footprint Card is obtained from:

When right-clicking the Footprint Card, the following Footprint Card appears: