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  • Level: 30 (this Job is automatically obtained and costs no Job Points)
  • Tutor: El Niño in Freedom Harbor
  • You can learn the skills Observation and Hunting.


Hunting gem

Hunting Gem

Being an Adventurer is a Community Job which is learned automatically when you reach Lv.30, with no need for a Job Point. Adventurers can learn special skills that are useful when exploring events and instances.

Adventurers can take on a series of special quests to gain Job EXP:

  • NPC: El Niño in Freedom Harbor (his quest gives you Hunting gems which you need for the Hunting skill).
  • NPC: Darina with Explorer Guild in Towerpush Town, Sea of Oblivion.

Adventurer Skills[]

Adventurer skills are taught by El Niño in Freedom Harbor. While they're not necessary in completing Adventurer quests, they can be useful in a number of various events. For example the Hunting Festival.


  • No Cost
  • Single-target (self)blessing
  • Cast time: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds
  • Range: 16 meters

Knowledge is found even in the smallest of places.

Use this skill to become Perceptive for 30 seconds. Being Perceptive in certain areas could provide you with valuable information.

Leveling up profits: Higher levels of this skill allow to become Perceptive +1, and a chance of one level higher state.

Level 2 requirements:

  • Adventurer Job: Level 4+
  • Character level: 30

Observation allows to see hidden treasures in specific places. It may result in Experience, Cards or other rewards if correct item is found. Some quests will instruct players to become Perceptive and will grant additional items as rewards for doing so.


  • No Cost
  • Single-target curse
  • Cast time: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Range: 16 meters

Treasure life, reject the dark.

Affects monsters that have been corrupted by "Shadow". Each use consumes 1x Hunting Gem.

Leveling up profits: Each level reduces cooldown of Hunting skill by 2 seconds.

Level 2 requirements:

  • Adventurer Job: Level 2+
  • Character level: 30

Shadow Creatures[]

Shadow dark seacrab

Shadow Dark Seacrab

These can be found just outside Freedom Harbor, near the Fishing competition NPC. El Niño will send you to these mobs to kill them with your Hunting skill, if you have done so you will get more Hunting Gems as reward.