Lady Vestry

Location: Knight Encampment

A Lionheart Champion's Weapon is part of the Main Questline for humans in the starting area of Knight's Encampment. It is a simple messenger quest given by Lady Vestry and requires you to visit Johnny, one of the Lionheart Champions stationed there.

Quest Start: Lady Vestry

Lady Vestry put a good word in with Adam and has suggested that you arm yourself for battle. You must find Johnny, one of the Lionheart Champions, and procure a weapon.

Johnny can be easily located by going south from Lady Vestry and following the path through the Knight Encampment. Upon exiting the archway of the walls, turn east (right) and look for the large tent set up nearby. Johnny will be amongst these tents alongside another Lionheart Champion. Simply speak to Johnny to continue and complete the quest.

Quest End: Johnny

This quest leads into a very simple interaction quest where you procure a weapon. Each class has a different quest name shown in the quest tracker, but effectively follows the same concept. Return to Johnny to complete said quest and receive the next link in the chain.